Common Consumer to Socialite

I'm social!

Source: Mark Olasek

Lights, Camera, Action! A term commonly found in the entertainment industry and usually associated with fame. Now I bet you have wondered at some point in your life; what if I was famous. Well, thanks to social media, you can be.

Due to social media usage being on the rise, consumer input has never been more valuable and now the consumers are the ones doing the advertising. Some features of how social media has impacted consumerism is that consumers have been given a bigger voice and, therefore, have more power. Social media has allowed better connection with businesses and it’s their opinion that helps promote their business or damage it, new information is readily available and more research can be done. Originally, the business would provide very one-sided information about what they offered and as a consumer, you would be expected to follow and believe what they told you, but because there is more consumer interaction people can now get their information from a variety of different sources. Social media has now become one of the most prominent ways to communicate, a real social hub, and all you need to do to become well known is use of a social media app. Don’t believe me? Ask Zoe Foster Blake.

Zoe Foster Blake, blogger and common consumer turned socialite, and HER FRIDGE OF DREAMS, have made news headlines and caught attention of Media Watch, a news conglomerate, through an Instagram post. This post benefits businesses such as youfoodz, the company that made the food, and shows how social media can be used as a promotional tool by anyone, I’m not even joking. This puts pressure on corporate bodies as they have less influence on their people and  have to be less corporate and more human in order to attract business. I, myself, have been strongly affected by consumer input. Once I was looking for places to go out for dinner with friends and there was this place on Ocean Street, Macchu Picchu, that I had never been too before in my life and was kind of skeptical of. However, a few of my friends had been there before and had a great time, so I went and I had some of the best food I ever had in my life. It’s not always positive though, I was looking at going to this place that looked well advertised but had been horribly trashed by Facebook reviews from previous customers and so that place lost my business. This goes to show that anyone can have an impact on your decisions and they don’t have to be qualified. Even the journalism profession is taking a hit due to the amount of consumers that can share their opinions and stories and contribute to the media, this is known as citizen journalism. So, as a consumer, you have the opportunity to influence others with your opinions, promote businesses or damage them and share your story to the world and you can become a Zoe Foster Blake. However, in order to be a socialite, you need to use a social media site.


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