Audience: The New Prod”u”cers



1st picture source: Times Higher Education

My first blog post discussed how social media allowed more consumer input in society, the second one discussed how that consumer input affected businesses and this blog post looks at how consumers they use social media to be their own content creators and as a tool for building a successful life.

These can be shown through aspects such as;


A public-funded project or venture which offers individuals a chance of success as it is a great way to gain customers for your business or an audience for your story. It serves as a way to present your idea and create a community that support your vision. Each campaign has a certain amount of money that needs to be earned in a certain number of days. Donators are given a certain reward based on the amount of money they donate.


One crowdfunding campaign on Pozible, an Australia-based crowdfunding platform, is a short film, Drastic Measures. A film about mental illness and how it affects families. This campaign has outlined what the story is, why they are doing it and what they need the money for. One example of a reward to a donator is a hard copy of the film if they donate $85 or more. Crowd-funding campaigns are useful as it allows a member of the public to share their story with the rest of the world.

The Creation of New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship, the set-up of a business that takes financial risks to gain profit, which like crowd-funding relies on social media as a way to be successful. Two social media facts that benefit aspiring entrepreneurs is that: social media expands your reach to your target market. Social media also establishes expertise because even by posting content relating to your work, you are further establishing yourself as an expert.


Brandon Stanton used social media to share his love of photography. Humans of New York now has 12 million likes on Facebook allowing him to launch into a full-time photography and media career.

Citizen Journalism

Consumer engagement with social media has affected the distribution of news. Citizen journalism, a type of journalism, practised by everyday people, has allowed more user-generated content to be distributed. This makes consumers more aware of what’s going on and can affect the reputation of companies. 


2nd picture source: Gomerblog


United Airlines, an airline, was the subject of great outrage when they brutally dragged an asian man off the plane for refusing to give up his seat. This incident was video-recorded and posted on Twitter by passenger and cross-fit trainer, Jayse D.Anspach and a Facebook post was done by Audra D. Bridges, another passenger. This content creation sparked much hate from other consumers towards the airline.

Although different aspects were discussed they all addressed the same thing; how social media has turned the consumer into a producer as they are now their own content creators and are able to use social media to build a successful life. So, how will you use social media in your life, after all you can’t spell producer without you?


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